“New generation” NGO and model

An NGO is not a technical institute in charge of mere execution of a program. An NGO should foster activism and act in the spirit of fighting for a cause and undertake a secondary goal to produce activists leaders to bring a positive change to their country beyond the service of the NGO.
It should instill specified values in its members. Staff is recruited not according to merely skills but examined in their values and potentials to become independent activists. The rarest quality of personnel is honesty and the desire to bring a change in one’s country. Any recruit has to pass a period of volunteering where these aspects are thoroughly examined. The post in the NGO should not be regarded as a job but as a mission and therefore demanding exceptional devotion, commitment, sacrifice, initiatives, self discipline fitting a fight for a cause.

It is in this context and spririt  that Conservation Justice and the other ONG members of the EAGLE network (http://www.eagle-enforcement.org) develop their activities and principles.