Important results in 2022 in Gabon, and ivory trafficking decreasing !

by Luc Mathot
Important results in 2022 in Gabon, and ivory trafficking decreasing !

Summary of Conservation Justice results here.

Our support to authorities in the fight against wildlife trafficking has been maintained in 2022 with important results:

  1. 13 operations achieved thanks to CJ investigations and 24 wildlife traffickers arrested.
  2. 15 operations started by forces of order and wildlife officers have been supported by CJ. It concerns 26 people involved in wildlife smuggling, especially elephants.
  3. 49 ivory tusks d’ivoire weighting 243 kg, 4 leopard skins, 1 baby chimpanzee, 1 moustac monkey, 46 kg of pangolin scales, 3 rifles seized by authorities thanks to CJ.
  4. 34 prosecutions to jail, from 182 to 730 days with 348 days on average. Cases in progress concern 11 people in jail, and 5 other ones have been released as there were not enough proves against them (by example drivers).

Concerning our work against illegal logging, CJ results are also positive:

  1. 14 people have been interpolated through 8 operations, with seizure of materials and illegal wood. 9 cases are still in progress, 3 people have been released and 5 have only been fined.
  2. CJ and its partners organized 26 field missions in communities in Ngounié, Nyanga, Ogooué-Ivindo, Moyen-Ogooué and Woleu-Ntem provinces, for 274 days in the field. These missions concerned 121 villages. CJ also supported 18 “Comités de Gestion et de Suivi des Projets (CGSP)”.

Conservation Justice organized more than 344 meetings with Gabonese authorities and their partners, 4 trainings for 149 police and gendarmes officers.

258 press articles have been diffused in medias on CJ activities and results.

Awareness activities in schools aorund the CEB logging company in East Gabon have been maintained with 2389 children sensitized on wildlife conservation. The wildlife brigade faune développe with wildlife officers is still operational.