Forest and wildlife law enforcement in central Africa

Fight against Illegal Wildlife Trade

Hundreds of Wildlife smugglers arrested and convicted to jail

Fight against Illegal Wildlife Trade
Forest and Wildlife Law Enforcement in Central Africa

Wildlife rescue

Wildlife rescue
Forest and Wildlife Law Enforcement in Central Africa

Conservation Justice

NGO collaborating with Gabonese authorities to reinforce the law on wildlife and forests

Conservation Justice
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Since 2010, Conservation Justice aims to protect elephants in addition to other threatened species in Gabon from illegal wildlife trade by increasing the level of wildlife law enforcement nationwide and deterring potential elephant poachers and ivory traders from conducting these activities. Another objective if the fight against illegal logging, as these two types of environmental crimes are linked.

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Method and activities



Identify and investigate significant wildlife traffickers to obtain required evidence to use against them during arrests and prosecutions.



Organize with authorities the arrest of significant wildlife traffickers at a rate of one per week.



Bring each arrest resulting from CJ-facilitated operations to prosecution and ensure that each conviction will include deterring a sentence that is effectively served.



Produce deterrent by raising public awareness to the effective enforcement and to the risks and penalties applied against wildlife criminals.



Organize trainings for wildlife, forest and customs officers, magistrates and forces of order.

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