Conservation Justice supports another arrest of a leopard skin dealer

by Luc Mathot
Conservation Justice supports another arrest of a leopard skin dealer

The sale of trophies coming from fully protected species, though prohibited by lawcontinues to grow throughout the Gabonese territory despite arrests. In fact, afterthe recent arrest of four panther skins traffickers in Mitzic, it is now in Makokou, the Ogooué- Ivindo province, that last Wednesday another trafficker was caught in the act of selling leopard skin.

The poacher-dealer arrested

Mr. Constant NGANDA BAKA, a Gabonese citizen, arrested by the police in Makokou, admitted he shot the panther last August and was trying to sell it, because it is customaryThe transaction, which was to take place in a motel room was prevented by the police in Makokou, assisted by the NGO Conservation Justice.

As noted in the Forestry Codehunting, taking, possession, transportation and selling of fully protected species is prohibited and violations are punishable by 3 to 6 months in prison with fines ranging from 100,000 to 10 millionfrancs.

Sentences that often struggle to be applied and which, seeping the amplification of poaching, are not dissuasive.Not to mention, the marginalization of wildlife offense by the courts that do not often weigh environmental damagearising from poaching. A collective consciousness is not to be ignored if we are to protect and sustain the Gabonese environmental heritage.