Ivory seized at Mvengué (Gabon) airport

by Luc Mathot
Ivory seized at Mvengué (Gabon) airport


On Friday April 4th, an ivory seizure was carried out at the airport in Mvengué by DGDI officers (General Directorate of Documentation and Immigration) . The offender is subject Hausa Gabonese HAMADOU Djamad alias Abib residing in Franceville, Potos neighborhood. He was immediately placed at the disposal of the agents of the Judicial Police (PJ ) and those of Water and Forests jurisdiction. The offender was carrying two traulets containing seven ivory spikes weighing 50.8 kg .

The accused, who is not at his first attempt to pass through the airport with ivory airport. In addition, it is well known to police and had been arrested in August 2013, but released for lack of evidence .

During the transfer procedure from Immigration officers to those of the Judicial Police and Forestry Commission, two other suspects subjects MOUSTAPHA Arab and DAHAIROU Djamath be arraigned by the PJ .

This seizure could’nt have been realized without the close collaboration and determination of DGDI officer, the Judicial Police and Forestry, proof that the fight against poaching in Gabon is a multisectoral issue. Their work in this case demonstrates their willingness and commitment to law enforcement, despite the difficulties and attempts to bribe these traffickers ready for anything.

The inmates face up to six months in prison and up to ten million CFA francs in fines, plus damages to the plaintiff represented by the Forestry Commission .