Enforcement of the fight against illegal logging

by Luc Mathot
Enforcement of the fight against illegal logging

Agent des forces de l'ordre saisissant du bois illégalSince October, several operations against illegal logging have been achieved by authorities, at provincial level (Ogooué-Ivindo et Woleu-Ntem) and in Libreville.

Conservation Justice congratulates judicial authorities and Ministry in charge of Forestry for their commitment in this fight. After operations in Makokou achieved by the Prosecutor, the new national Special Tribunal  has organized arrests of several executives of the Ministry of Forestry in Libreville. The Minister and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Protection of Environment and Natural Resources, of Forest and Sea have achieved very positive initiatives like the ban of logging of Kevazingo (Bubinga), enforcement of surveillance and controls, and zero tolerance against possible complicity in administration.

Thanks to judicial authorities, about thirty illegal loggers and several high executives on the Ministry have been arrested.

Conservation Justice supports authorities in this difficult but necessary fight.