Forest and Wildlife Law Enforcement in Central Africa

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  • Legal book by Conservation Justice
    Legal book by Conservation Justice

    The project’s legal advisers assist forestry agents with writing the complaint report to avoid errors, deal with expected weaknesses of the case, and strengthen the legal arguments. The legal advisors start their work on a case before the operation by preparing the legal system for receiving the case and evaluating threats of corruption and governance problems. The legal advisors are frequently in the field in the time of operation and are often accompanying the arrest and interrogation. They are supervising the transmission of the case to court and communicate with the legal unit of the ministry and the administrative side of the court to insure understanding and identify possible problem.

  • They sensitize the administrative side of the legal system through meetings and distribution of materials, and soliciting high level of supervision to ensure good governance in court procedures
  • The legal department follows up all cases on a daily basis by two legal advisers to ensure good governance in court procedure and  that expertise is permanently available to follow through all prosecutions. The advisors will communicate directly with the courts and prosecution service, providing advice on all relevant legal matters as well as scrutiny to ensure that the defendant makes no attempt at corruption.
  • As part of the project’s comprehensive legal follow-up activities, offenders who are convicted and sentenced to a jail term are visited regularly to ensure that custodial sentences are served in full and to monitor human rights issues whilst they are in custody.

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