Forest and Wildlife Law Enforcement in Central Africa

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    Hands - darken to useConservation Justice aims to protect elephants in addition to other threatened species in Gabon from illegal hunting and wildlife trade by increasing the level of wildlife law enforcement nationwide and deterring potential elephant poachers and ivory traders from conducting these activities. Conservation Justice collaborates closely with LAGA ( and follows its methods.

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  • Gabon: Illegal logging and traffic of Kevazingos in Oyem

    Following information received about illegal logging of Kevazingos in the village THO EFFACK (Oyem , Nye county), the Provincial Directorate of Water and Forests had commissioned a team on the ground accompanied by two members of the police to apprehend the loggers.

    Abatage illégal et trafic de Kévazingo à Oyem

    At the scene, they found a Kevazingo was being cut down, the cutters and their boss Mr. Minko had suddenly stopped and left. Later, Mr. Minko was arrested while holding a meeting with the head of reunification with the villagers and some of his employees. Offenders were brought to the Provincial Directorate of Water and Forests where they confessed having already cut down another Kevazingo at the request of Mr. Minko.

    Gabon : Abattage illégal et trafic de Kévazingo à Oyem

    ABAGA MVE Leon, “owner” of the Kevazingo confessed that it was he who gave the order to cut down the tree at the request of Mr. Minko. He actually wanted to complete the cut already initiated by a Cameroonian named Enam Mbira then resell it to the SNBG with whom he has a “seller provider” contract.

    Despite the facts and evidence of infringements, prosecutors in Oyem decided to relax them. According to them, the facts were not sufficient to restrain Mr Minko and his accomplices in the bonds of prevention, despite the testimony of the populations and the confessions of Mr Abaga Mvé Leon.

    It goes without saying that the illegal exploitation of kevazingos is still in full swing in the country, and nobody seems to be able to stop this illegal logging, which is done  with various accomplices. In addition, the auction system and salvage of supposedly abandoned timber facilitates illegal logging. Indeed, illegal loggers cut the timber, and then pretext that this wood is to be auctioned. In addition, the timber was sold at very low prices , and payments to the Treasury were derisory. The state losses are enormous and it is unfair and demotivating competition for law -abiding operators .
    A strict application of the law by the different administrations seems essential , even if things seem often stained irregularities as traffic of kevazingos continues and that offenders are released.



  • Ivory seized at Mvengué (Gabon) airport


    On Friday April 4th, an ivory seizure was carried out at the airport in Mvengué by DGDI officers (General Directorate of Documentation and Immigration) . The offender is subject Hausa Gabonese HAMADOU Djamad alias Abib residing in Franceville, Potos neighborhood. He was immediately placed at the disposal of the agents of the Judicial Police (PJ ) and those of Water and Forests jurisdiction. The offender was carrying two traulets containing seven ivory spikes weighing 50.8 kg .

    The accused, who is not at his first attempt to pass through the airport with ivory airport. In addition, it is well known to police and had been arrested in August 2013, but released for lack of evidence .

    During the transfer procedure from Immigration officers to those of the Judicial Police and Forestry Commission, two other suspects subjects MOUSTAPHA Arab and DAHAIROU Djamath be arraigned by the PJ .

    This seizure could’nt have been realized without the close collaboration and determination of DGDI officer, the Judicial Police and Forestry, proof that the fight against poaching in Gabon is a multisectoral issue. Their work in this case demonstrates their willingness and commitment to law enforcement, despite the difficulties and attempts to bribe these traffickers ready for anything.

    The inmates face up to six months in prison and up to ten million CFA francs in fines, plus damages to the plaintiff represented by the Forestry Commission .

  • State agent caught in possession of illegal game and ivory

    Gabonese authorities attach great importance to the preservation of natural resources and the safe use of state property. Unfortunately, there are still some crooked agents who do not respect the established rules and who do not hesitate to divert material from the State for unlawful purposes. Such is the case of an agent under contract with the General Directorate of Documentation and Information (DGDI) who, April 2nd, after an accident with a government vehicle, found himself carry a good amount of game and ivory tips.


    A Waters and Forests agent went to OKOLASSI at the entrance of Noum on the scene of the accident. There, he discovered that the damaged vehicle contained a large amount of game. Thereafter, he saw a young man who picked up a bag inside which there were two ivory tips. After collecting the ivory, he informed the Provincial Directorate of Waters and Forests.
    For the General Directorate of Documentation and Information, the officer in question had asked his chief, obtaining a vehicle for an errand in Libreville. Management does not know how the vehicle was found outside the area of Libreville even though the vehicle was missing for two days. They sent one of their agents on site to collect more information and punish the concerned agent. He is currently in hospital, and will answer for his actions as a citizen , mistakes and crimes being numerous: ivory trafficking , abuse of power , road offense.Without this unfortunate accident, it is likely that the ivory would’ve finally gone to Asia and particularly in China where demand and ivory trafficking are important. Major seizures of several tons of ivory made in the World ( Togo , Malaysia, Hong Kong) have shown that the origin was Gabon, a country in the world most affected by the poaching of elephants.

  • An ivory trafficker sentenced : 6 months in jail and 7,500 Euros

    Ivory dealer Abdou DANKASSOUA